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X-Plane - Shortcuts
The keys given here are the DEFAULT keys, but you can easily change them by editing the the "Instructions : keys : X-Plane.txt" !

SPACE fail a system selected in the failure mode window
ENTER activate ATC if ATC menu not up
ENTER accept ATC selection if ATC menu is up
ENTER send message to other player of in multiplayer flight (Settings menu, Internet option)
ENTER close open window if any window is open
arrow keys choose ATC option if an ATC menu is up
arrow keys rotate view angle if in free-view from the view menu
arrow keys rotate view location if in spot-view from the view menu
. reverse thrust
r release payload (jettison)
y u adjust directional gyro
i o adjust barometric pressure
h j adjust OBS 1
n m adjust OBS 2
p pause
b brakes, 2/3 stopping effort, normally used.
v brakes, maximum stopping effort!
g gear
f transponder ident
k l progress time in 1/2 hour increments' toggle FADEC on/off for helos
! autopilot disconnect
` autopilot heading
~ autopilot Nav 1
$­­­­­­­­­­ autopilot Nav 2
% autopilot GPS
^ autopilot alt hld
& autopilot vertical speed hold
* autopilot glide slope Nav 1
( autopilot glide slope Nav 2
) autopilot airspeed hold
Q W E R com 1 radio frequency
T Y U I nav 1 radio frequency
A S D F com 2 radio frequency
G H J K nav 2 radio frequency
O P L : > ? ADF frequency
Z X C V B N M < transponder setting
1 2 flaps up or down one
3 4 carb heat off or on
5 6 speedbrake up or down one.. use your joystick throttle on the gliders
7 8 aileron Trim
9 0 rudder Trim
[ ] elevator trim
+ - zoom in/out

Function keys control the throttle, prop, and mixture... with one exception: use the BACKSPACE key instead of the F-10 key in Windows. In Windows the F-10 key is reserved by Microsoft for menu-operations.

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