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X-Plane - Quick Start
Mouse, for general panel controls

You can drag engine controls, set frequencies, and manipulate any other on-screen controls with the mouse. Note: For aircraft with reverse thrust, such as the Boeing 777, you need to drag the throttle all the way to the bottom of the throttle travel with the mouse and hold the mouse button down for a few seconds at the very bottom of the throttle travel to drop the engines into reverse thrust.

Joystick, mouse, or keyboard, for flight control

The joystick, rudder pedals and throttle-quadrant operate the flight controls of the airplane. If you don't have any such peripherals hooked up, you can use the mouse and keyboard instead. To use the mouse, click in the center of the windshield and you will be able to fly the plane with the mouse that way. Click again in the center of the windshield to stop flying the plane with the mouse. You can use the numeric keypad to fly the plane with the keyboard.

Normally, you will use the joystick to pitch and roll the airplane, the rudder pedals (on the floor) to steer the airplane on the ground, and the throttle to control the power output.

Many people do not have joystick AND rudder pedals AND throttle, so you can get by with the mouse for flight control, no rudders, and the mouse or functions keys (F1/F2) for throttle control.


Keyboard use is not required. Command key equivalents, if any, are listed in the X-Plane menus. There are also command key equivalents for views in the "View" menu so you do not have to memorize the keys... they are surrounded by brackets like this "[W]". Just hit those keys without hitting the shift, option/alt or control keys to select those views.


Although reducing the realism somewhat, you may want some "damping" if you are new to flight sims or are flying a light helicopter. Do this in the "Hardware and Flight Mode" window in the "Settings" menu. You can reduce joystick sensitivity there, too.

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