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X-Plane - First flight!
Your First Flights

-Double-click on the "X-Plane" icon on your hard drive, thus launching X-Plane. X-Plane will be in your "X-System" folder, which is wherever you just extracted it to a few moments ago.
-Wait until you are settled on the runway in the Boeing 777.
-Hit the '2' key a few (about 2 times) times to bring in some flaps for takeoff.
-Disengage the brakes. (Click the orange brake button to toggle it.)
-Operate the throttles with the mouse. (The throttles are the light-gray knobs on the lower-right... drag them up all the way to go to full power.)
-Pull the joystick back (or hit the numeric keypad 2 key, or click on the center of the windshield and pull down with the mouse) lightly to rotate and take-off at about 130 knots.
-Upon reaching 3,000 feet or so throttle back a bit.
-Hit the '1' key a few times to retract the flaps.
-Fly the plane for a few minutes with the joystick/mouse/keyboard.
-Select "Quit" from the "File" Menu.

Now you can fly the simulator (and a Boeing 777 no less!)

-Double-Click on the "Plane-Maker" icon, thus launching Plane-Maker.
-Go to the "File" menu and select "Open".
-Select the Boeing 777 from the "Heavy Metal" folder.
-Select a random window from the "Standard" menu and make any changes you feel Boeing overlooked.
-Select "Save As" from the "File" menu.
-Type in "Modified 777" or similar for your new modified airplane after backspacing over the earlier name and press return.
-Select "Quit" from the "File" Menu.

Now you know how to make your own airplane designs.

-Double-click on the "X-Plane" icon, thus launching X-Plane.
-Select "Open Aircraft" from the "File" menu.
-Choose the airplane that you just saved in Plane-Maker... yes you might need to navigate around a little bit to find it.
-Fly it. (If you still can!)

Now you are an aircraft designer and test pilot!

OK you have now proven that you can fly, design aircraft, and test-fly your aircraft designs.

You are probably not any GOOD at it, but at least you can do it.

A minute to learn, a lifetime to master.

Have a nice flight!

Creation date : 28/01/2004 @ 17:14
Last update : 18/12/2007 @ 08:10
Category : X-Plane
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