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charlet.jpgDVD L.Charlet - About Lionel Charlet

"The aviation films of Lionel Charlet are master-pieces. They express, in a most beautiful way, the dynamics as well as the poetry of flight, the formidable feeling of hedge-hopping, the beautiful trajectory against an azure blue sky, the living of one of man's most deeply held fantasies… Magnificent pictures, from outside and within the cockpit, bring us to the heart of the action. We can almost feel the accelerations, the smell of leather and hot oil, of the instrument panel, and bask in the emotions and happiness…"

Claude Nicollier
ESA astronaut

Lionel Charlet is an independent Swiss French filmmaker.
He began making films when he was 14 and has since won awards for his work in a number of Festivals.
After a period devoted to photography and drawing, Lionel Charlet has, since 1995, directed numerous documentaries, portraits and atmosphere films.

Some 60 of these portraits were broadcast by Swiss national television.
The artistic nature of his products, the quality of his camera work, the scripting of his films and the independent directing of his work combine to produce a unique signature, one that is increasingly recognised.
Alongside his products for television, Lionel Charlet has directed several aviation films, notably devoted to modern combat aviation.
He has logged many hours experimenting with camera angles from a combat aircraft.
This includes harrowing moments in powerful jets such as the F/A-18 Hornet.
He reveals the grandeur and incongruity he finds in his fascination with flight and flying, which he has indulged in with realism.
Lionel Charlet enjoys a challenge and immerses himself entirely in the universe he is describing. He works mostly alone, somewhat like a photographer.
He constructs his films like he would a drawing, with attention to both details and the totality of the product.


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