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X-Plane - X-Plane for IPhone
X-Planner for iPhone and iPodTouch

X-Planner for iPhone is only $­­­9.99, so pilots: Grab it today!

First things first: If you travel and you do not have an iPhone yet, then you simply do not know what you are missing. Land at an airport and bring up Google Maps to see the lay of the land in your area, with an icon of you on the map. Then type in "Taxi", 'Hotel", or "Mexican Restaurant" and watch little pins drop onto the map to show where these things are. Then hit a single button to call the taxi company. Then put in your earbuds and listen to your music library while you check your email. Then take a picture of your plane or other stuff and email it to your friends or company... all with this ONE device. And it is good-looking and absurdly easy to use. I literally have 50% more fun travelling when I have my iPhone with me. If you are inextricably linked to some other cell company for the time being, then drop them anyway, or get an iPodTouch... it still does most of the stuff I listed above.

Now, once you have an iPhone or iPodTouch, you can do your flight-planning on it as well!

The application is called X-Planner, it is as cool to use as X-Plane, and here is what it does:

X-Planner is a fun and simple little flight-planner that will plot your weight and CG for any flight in a light plane. Lots of pilots take off without checking the weight and balance, and now it is FUN to do this on your iPhone before flight! If the FAA does a ramp-check and asks for your weight and balance, you will be glad you have this on your iPhone, trust me.

As well, you can enter your aircraft climb and cruise performance (only needed once), and the winds (each flight) and your destination (each flight) and X-Planner will give you the estimated time and fuel expense for each altitude from 3,000 to 24,000 feet. (If your plane can go that high). This will tell you exactly when to tell the people at the other end of the flight you will arrive, and tell you just how much fuel to put on board, and tell you what altitude to use for best speed and minimum fuel burn! As well, you can see the change in fuel expense, and time-savings, that results from using high versus low power settings.

I watch people have no idea if they are in weight and balance, and have no idea what altitude to fly, and have no idea how much fuel to put on board, all the time. Now you can be sure of your weight, balance, fuel, and altitude-selection every flight!

If you choose your altitude to minimize fuel-burn, then this app will pay for itself in the first half of the first flight you use it.

It's only $­­­9.99 for iPhone... cheap enough any pilot with an iPhone should get it, and any pilot without an iPhone should get one. (Or at least an iPodTouch)

Pull out the coolest device around before each flight and see exactly what altitude to fly, and how much fuel you will use. No more guessing. I cannot imagine flying without it.

Creation date : 10/12/2008 @ 09:03
Last update : 10/12/2008 @ 09:05
Category : X-Plane
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