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Welcome to BOOSTAIR aviation: X-Plane et la boutique du pilote



Welcome on BOOSTAIR® site dedicated to the flight simulator X-Plane and Aviation Supplies. BOOSTAIR is a swiss compagny based at Aubonne between Lausanne and Geneva, at the edge of the lake Léman. Founded in 1996 in Switzerland, BOOSTAIR is the first historical importer of the flight simulator X-Plane in Europe.



Use the Forum to exchange ideas, questions and experiences. Suggest and corrections are apposite here.

new.gif= new article maj.gif=updated articleIf you want to have the bank rate of the day for the swiss franc, use the credit card payment.


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  • La Blécherette. 80 ans d'aviation
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  • L’avion: rassurez-vous
  • Romeo Victor, vol glaciers
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