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Pack CD+CDROM Bourget Museum

In the Museum of the Air and Space of airport of Le Bourget, Paris,

it's not possible to explore the interior of all the planes for obvious reasons of safety and safeguarding. For those reasons and for people they don't have have the possibility of exploring this superb Museum, the team of developers of Extrud propose a video pack DVD + PC interactive CD-rom (PC only) to explore all of the museum in a virtual 3D.
You can explore in additin ot the halls many planes such as for example the prototype Concorde 001 and the Concorde Air France Sierra Delta, the first Boeing 747-100 of Air France or Spitfire Mark XVI! This 3D visit pack 3D of the Air and Space proposes also very many audio comments in English (in addition to French and German), and operator ATC radio communications as in the Museum.


The contents (CD-Rom and DVD-video):

The totality of the halls of the museum of the air is covered with very many sights 360 or 180 ° (nearly 200 sights on the whole).

List of the halls :

• 747
• Concorde
• Tarmac
• Proto
• Cocarde
• Grande galerie
• Espace
• Mirage IV
• Sport et loisir
• Seconde Guerre mondiale

There is audio comments in 3 languages and sound effects.
Here is the list of the sights from interior of the cockpits:

• Boeing 747.
• F84.
• F100.
• Fouga.
• Proto Mirage 2000.
• Mystère 4.
• Concorde Sierra Delta.
• Concorde 001.
• Mirage IV P.
• Potez 43.
• Potez 53.
• PT17
• Spad54
• Farman Goliath
• Caravelle
• Atlantique
• Neptune
• Mercure Air inter
• Spitfire Mark XVI
• P47 thunderbolt
• Dewoitine D520
• FW 190
• YAK 3
• Polikarpov
• B26 marauder


Easy to use!

You can move your "head" in all directions with the mouse. Zoom whith the scroll wheel and clic the left button to control the 3D navigation, the audio. etc.

The pack:


The walk is in full screen and the 3D engine adapts to your PC.
This CD-Rom is for window only!

DVD-vidéo :

The video DVD is controlled whith your remote control. Explore the museum and the planes like a film and change chapter with your remote control.


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